Agay Dekh | HBL PSL Official Anthem 2022 | Atif Aslam, Aima Baig & Abdullah Siddiqui | #LevelHai #HBLPSL7 #AgayDekh

Pakistani cricket has given us many moments to cherish, and this year’s HBL PSL anthem carries forward the nationwide spirit and culture surrounding it. ‘Agay dekh’ urges audiences to look beyond binaries of victory and defeat, and enjoy the game in its purest essence. Those who become a part of this beautiful game are dedicated to it with every fibre of their souls; be it the players, or you, the fans.

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Last year, the HBL PSL was deprived of its home crowd due to COVID-19 restrictions, but this year we will have fans in the stands. Pakistan’s biggest sporting event is a festival and a celebration, and the anthem pays tribute to everyone who waits excitedly for this time of year. With “Agay dekh” we have strived to showcase how much we love cricket, as well as capture the attitude, the fierceness and the banter that houses that love.

Pakistan’s biggest musical stars Atif Aslam, Aima Baig and Abdullah Siddiqui worked on this platform to create something extraordinary. With the excitement of the upcoming HBL PSL in the air, we present to you the official anthem of this season – an anthem our fans will cheer with, no matter where they are in the world.

A Check-Box Media (CBM) Production

Music Producer: Abdullah Siddiqui
Performer(s): Atif Aslam & Aima Baig
Director: Zeeshan Parwez
Video Producer: Shahrukh Kazim (FEPO)
Executive Producer(s): Amna Zafar, Mustapha Zafar & Taha Tariq

Full Audio Credits

Music Producer: Abdullah Siddiqui
Composer(s): Abdullah Siddiqui and Natasha Noorani
Additional Composition: Maanu, Omer Ahmad and Atif Aslam
Writer(s): Natasha Noorani, Sami Khan, Maanu, Mustapha Zafar, Omer Ahmad and Atif Aslam
Mixed by: Abdullah Siddiqui
Mastered by: Dave Kutch

Full Video Credits

Director: Zeeshan Parwez
Producer: Shahrukh Kazim
Production House: FEPO

Cinematographer: Ahsan Raza
Assistant Director(s): Saif Shams & Hadi Ahmed

Production Design: Umer Butt
Set: Mohsin Ali
Wardrobe Stylist: Mavi Kayani
Wardrobe Assistant: Shabbir
Wardrobe Stylist (Atif Aslam): Sara Atif Aslam
Make-up and Hair: Ayaan Khan & Fawad KhanMake-up and Hair (Abdullah Siddiqui): IRIS Man
Drone Operator: Umer Butt
Ronin Operator: Meer Sultan
Ronin Assistant: Bilal Kaleem
Gaffer: Latif
Focus Puller: Saeed Khan & Irfan
Camera and Lights: POPA Lights

Line Producer: Irfan Qazi
Production Manager: Fahad Nawaz

2nd Unit
Cinematographer: Abubakar Siddique
Assistant Director: Hadi Ahmed
Gaffer: Shaby
Artist & Production Management: Raina Jami, Syed Kumail, Eman Mahmood, Fatima Ali, Ahmad Siddique & Nasir Mehmood

Post: Studio Rokhan, Post Wala & Art Lab
Editor: Zeeshan Parwez & Abubakar Siddique
Colorist: Abubakar Siddique

Talent: X Talent & Mac Talent:
BTS: Anoosh Zeerik & Areesh Zubair


Marketing Lead: Saif Mujahid
Senior Manager, Content Strategy: Syed Atique Ur Rehman

Red Bull Pakistan:
Marketing Manager: Syed Munib Rizavi
Media Network Manager: Saman Moudood

Lyrics for Agay Dekh | PSL Official Anthem 2022 Song


chingari seeney ki
phir se maangey hawwa
nazrain tikki
saansain ruki
Utha lay phir aawaaz

andesha e tofaan
saanso mai hai barpa
hai shor wor
hai tor jorh
Shuru hoti hai parwaaz

Haath hawa mei utha lay
Hosla dillon ka barha lay
Shor zara tu macha lay
Kar ke dekha day

Aaja aaja teri aagayi vaari
Dekha de sannu kinni hai tayaari
Ik touch de
Saray nach de
Ik team te gyaara ne khidaari

Game tu aa ke dekh
Hum hain aagaye dekh
Aaa tu aag ye dekh

Agay dekh

Jeet se bhi agay dekh
Zor laga ke dekh
Jeet se bhi agay dekh
Agay dekh agay dekh

Yahan aar paar
Jeet haar
Pe wazan hai

Chalai gi yeh baazi
Hai humaari baari
Dekh apna level bai

Hum bemisaal
Baar baar
Cheentay lamhay

Kharray Hain khilaari
Hai maidaan ab bhari
Yeh game next level hai

Umeedein tum rakho
Anah se na khelo
Kisi maukay sai bhagna nahi, ab na daro

Fatah karleingay gai khel
They’re calling out our names
Level hai toh jeet sai bhi agay dekh

Aaja aaja teri aagayi vaari
Dekha de sannu kinni hai tayaari
Ik touch de
Saray nach de
Ik team te gyaara ne khidaari

Game tu aa ke dekh
Hum hain aagaye dekh
Aaa tu aag ye dekh

Agay dekh

Jeet se bhi agay dekh (Jeet se bhi agay dekh)
Zor laga ke dekh (Zor laga ke dekh)
Jeet se bhi agay dekh
Agay dekh agay dekh

(agay dekh)
Jeet se bhi agay dekh
(saaray nachde)
Zor laga ke dekh
Aaja aaja teri aagayi vaari
Jeet se bhi agay dekh

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