The Pakistan Super League 2023 Anthem Song “Sab Sitaray Humaray” has been released by PSLT20 / PCB today. You can watch PSL Official Anthem 2023 – Sab Sitaray Humaray here featuring Shae Gill, Asim Azhar, & Faris Shafi.

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Like other sporting leagues, the Pakistan Super League (PSL) anthem is a song that also serves as the official theme of the PSL. The purpose of the PSL anthem is to bring excitement and energy to the league and to create a sense of unity among fans of different teams. The anthem is usually played during the opening ceremony of the PSL and before each match, adding to the overall atmosphere of the event and promoting the league.

In addition to its role in creating excitement and energy, the PSL anthem also serves as a symbol of the league and represents the values and goals of the PSL. The lyrics of the anthem often highlight the spirit of the league and its commitment to promoting cricket in Pakistan.

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